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Security and enterprise mobility in the digital era

In an increasingly mobile and connected world, data security is critical for driving business resilience and agility, especially in a post-COVID world. In 2020, the volume and complexity of cyber threats have multiplied with the rise in remote working and hybrid work environments. Consequently, if businesses are to respond effectively to the changing economic environment, as well as future-proof themselves against further disruption, they must find the right balance between enabling enterprise mobility and security.

Why enterprise mobility and security matters

Flexibility and mobility are key pillars of the digital era as they enable organisations to maintain their operations in the face of local and global disruption. What’s more, employees increasingly expect flexibility and remote working benefits to allow them to better balance their career with their individual needs and responsibilities.

Given the importance of these pillars to modern business, as well as the dynamic nature of modern technology, IT solutions must be both robust and adaptable, incorporating the best data protection across all devices, while also improving collaboration, efficiency and productivity.

Kyocera has taken a leading position on the global stage in the debate about how security and IT solutions intertwine to enable businesses to carry out daily operations in a mobile world. Our new ebook, Kyocera: Major Player in the Modern Age of Document Security, demonstrates our expertise in this area, stating, “Convenience is a requisite in today’s fast-paced business world and companies now demand a one-stop-shop service. Security solutions are no different.”

IT Security in a more digitally complex world

In the post-COVID world, the number of connection points to company databases has increased dramatically. With employees working from anywhere and at any time, IT solutions must provide maximum efficiency and productivity, as well as top document and data protection. If organisations do not incorporate security into their plans, then business growth is essentially built on sand foundations.

However, with more technological advances comes more complexity to the cyber security challenges and threats we face daily. It is no longer enough to rely solely on the IT department to manage cyber threats. Businesses must create an environment in which high-level security is embedded in devices, without hindering the worker’s ability to carry out tasks seamlessly and efficiently.

How organisations manage this challenge will decide their success in the years ahead. Those who fail to invest in innovation and continuous research and development will be left behind. Innovation leads to mobility and mobility demands top security intelligence to guarantee safe operations, as well as integrated solutions that incorporate intuitive and automated workflows. When people, processes and technology are successfully aligned, the system will be productive, mobile and secure.

IDC MarketScape has recognised Kyocera’s work in the field of print and document security, naming us a Major Player in the industry1. As a trusted security advisor for organisations all over the world, we help business leaders to find the right balance between mobility and security, including developing new approaches to quickly respond to new and increasingly complex threats.

Every organisation is a potential target for cybercriminals. Business leaders must be alert to the current threats in order to protect their company from attack. Download our guide to learn everything you need to know about business cybersecurity and securing your business data.