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8 must-have innovative office products

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When it comes to innovative office products, it’s all about striking the right kind of balance where the innovation is simple and effective enough to enhance the experience and drive productivity in the workplace.

It’s also about making workers more comfortable in their own space, so they can be happier and healthier at work. From innovative office furniture, to futuristic gadgets and everything in between, we’ve sourced eight sweet office products that should be on your radar as we move into 2018.

Get a grip - wearables for your hands

The old adage ‘many hands make light work’ has just taken on a whole new meaning with the likes of wearables such as Gest.



Slide these onto your hands and there’s no need to tap at your keyboard or scribble about with your mouse. You can use your natural hand gestures to get a whole lot of things done, it’s all right there at your, err… fingertips.

It’s the kind of stuff futuristic Hollywood films have been tinkering with for years, but now it’s here and will be making its way into innovative workplaces in no time.

More productivity with multiple workstations

Mountie is a super-cool gadget that allows you to easily access and work on multiple devices at once and is an innovative office must-have.

Mountie innovative office products.jpg



You just use Mountie to clip your tablet or smartphone onto your monitor so your staff can multitask their way up the corporate ladder by viewing multiple screens at once. Forget multiple large monitors, just add-on whichever devices you want to so you can clip and go multiple devices, whenever you want. 

Virtual reality is now a reality

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are making their way into mainstream offices as we look to 2018 and beyond, and the Gear VR glasses are the latest, sleek offering by Samsung.


Samsung VR innovative office products.jpg


The adoption of VR into the workplace opens up a world of possibilities where you can organise data and receive real-time updates in a peripheral format. The handy remote control on the Gear VR doubles as a gamepad trigger and the wide lens has a 101-degree view making it especially ideal for smart workplaces that thrive on virtual meetings.

Workplace headphones

The Beats Solo3 Wireless earphones will quieten any busy office, with smart Apple W1 technology that boasts 40 hours of battery life, five-minute Fast Fuel recharge and easy set-up and switching between Apple products.

The unique cushion ear cups are designed to buffer outside noise so your staff can work free of water-cooler banter and the pesky serial office distracter.

Ergonomic seating

The Aeron Remastered chair has been reworked since it was first unveiled to the world in 1994 and is renowned as being one of the most acclaimed office chairs on the market.

Innovative office products Herman Miller chair.jpg


Office-bound jobs have long been attributed to a number of ongoing health problems, so finding an innovative chair that is ergonomically and anthropometrically designed should be at the heart and soul of all innovative workplaces.

Sustainable office equipment

When it comes to innovative office equipment, we just had to include KYOCERA’s clever ECOSYS printers and multi-function printers, which have a patented, award-winning system that includes a long-life drum which is separate from the toner container. It is super sustainable, innovative and efficient, capable of generating up to 600,000 prints per drum.

ECOSYS M6530cdn L Comb1.jpg

The technology that powers this system reduces the total cost of ownership of printers and multifunction devices to save you money while streamlining operations and being kind to the planet.

Amazon’s Alexa

Amazon is taking Alexa out of the home and into business, with the release of Alexa For Business in early 2018.

Alexa for business innovative office products.png


This technology can do all the clever yet simple stuff like change the lighting or temperature in a nearby conference room and let users get the latest info about news, weather and ask questions.

Like all good tech, there’s an emphasis here on voice so you can access databases, directories and calendars all with just the spoken word. It’s also reported that Alexa for Business will give users the scope to build apps and skills for calendar management, meeting room scheduling and ordering supplies.

An intelligent whiteboard

The SMART kapp 42 Capture Board may look like a regular 42-inch whiteboard, but it’s intelligent and connected. In fact, everyone invited and logged into your meeting can see everything you draw on the whiteboard, in real-time, from anywhere in the world.

Innovative office products-SMART-kapp-42-Capture-Board-01.jpg


What’s more, it can connect up to 250 people at once, making managing your mobile workforce a breeze.

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KYOCERA Document Solutions provides document management solutions with ECOSYS technology to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) and minimise the impact on the environment, while delivering greater productivity, reliability and uptime.